Ranikhong Church

Missionary activities are highly seen around the place where the tribal people lives. Durgapur Thana (দুর্গাপুর থানা) accommodates two tribal sect, Hajong (হাজং) and Garo (গারো). So it is obvious you’ll see church/mission at Durgapur Thana (দুর্গাপুর থানা). On the way to the Bijoypur BDR camp you’ll find a church named Ranikhong (রানীখং). Ranikhong Church was built somewhere around 1910-1915. Initially few people from the village went to the Bishop at Dhaka so that they can have a missionary at their village. But for logistic support and others, the Bishop wasn’t able to comply with them. But he took few initiatives that helped the next Bishop to establish the church successfully there. The church is located over a small hillock beside the river Shomeswari (সোমেশ্বরী). The place is tranquil and you’d love to enjoy the picturesque view of the river beneath the hillock. Stay there as long as you want, no one going hinder your will there.